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Welcome to the website of Magali Bardos, author-illustrator for children.

Since 2000, Magali Bardos has been making books and illustrations for children. She publishes with many publishers: Pastel, L’école des loisirs, Actes sud junior, Le Rouergue, Larousse, Tourbillon…) and in the children’s press: Bayard presse in Pomme d’Api, Pomme d’Api Soleil Astrapi, Astrapi Soleil and Milan presse in J’apprends à lire, Petites mains… 

Today Magali Bardos lives and works in Rabastens (Tarn) in the Toulouse area.

Magali Bardos was born in Paris in 1970, where she grew up and spent her adolescence. She studied History at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and became interested in the symbolism of images. She obtained a Master’s degree in Contemporary History on the symbolism of commemorative celebrations through the parade of July 14, 1989, staged by Jean-Paul Goude on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the French Revolution.

Her interest in images and creation led her to take an artistic direction. 

In 1994, she leaves for Brussels to follow the double curriculum of Scenography and Illustration at the Saint Luc Institute in Brussels. 

After graduating in Illustration and Scenography at the Institut Saint Luc in Brussels, she began to publish her first albums and to work for the performing arts, notably in the workshops of La Monnaie / De Munt in Brussels, the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles.

She still has an attraction for these two worlds.

She draws with a brush and gouache. Her drawings with thick lines are the starting point of the stories she writes. She likes to observe the small gestures and the small snapshots of life to feed her imagination. 

She also likes to play with patterns and solid colors. Since 2015, she has set up a silkscreen workshop where she experiments by printing on paper or fabric. And in 2019, she creates Courant d’air a brand of fan, for which she draws the patterns. It is a handmade production in limited series.

To share her experience, she intervenes in schools, media libraries, bookstores where she leads workshops and talks about the creation of her albums. The rates are those of the Charter of authors and illustrators for young people. https://www.la-charte.fr/

Once a year, she organizes an open house at the workshop. You are welcome!

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