Tapage & Ramdam

Pastel / L’école des loisirs / 2016 / 19 x 27 cm / 40 pages

In the heart of the night, the owl writes its songs. A few branches down, the squirrel sleeps. Suddenly, crack! What a racket in the tree! The squirrel goes out to breathe the fresh night air. The owl sings his latest hit. At daybreak, the owl goes to bed and the squirrel does his gymnastics. Bong bong bong! What a racket!
How to live together in the same tree when one is having a nap and the other is lighting the lanterns? Despite the difficulty of finding a common rhythm, moments of encounter take place and friendship is woven between the characters.

Exhibition of original art work

3 frames 30 x 40 cm
11 frames 40 x 50 cm
2 frames with research (sketches + models + colorss)
1 book to browse through
1 Bio / Biblio

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